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boom beach


This Boom beach astuce works for Boom Beach game which available on iOs and Android. For your information, SuperCell who released Clash of Clans is the same developer for this game. That is why you will be familiar with the Boom Beach gameplay. This game is the third game which launched by this developer as the successor of COC. The game carries the same gameplay as strategy game. As usual, you have to defense your base by placing some weapon. The main different between COC and Boom Beach is at the age of the game. Boom Beach prefers to World War II conflict while COC uses medieval age. Hence, Boom Beach has more complicated mission and gameplay after all. I believe you will get a new experience from this game.

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Fire Emblem Fates changed the Controversial Scene on the next release

Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates is nearly released by Nintendo lately. However, there are many complains about the gay conversion scene inside the game. For your information, the scene shows a drugging activity which is done by two characters of the game. By this post released, there is an announcement from this developer that this scene won’t be contained anymore for the next release. The next release will be concerned on the North American and European markets. The gay conversion is a therapy which makes gay people becomes normal or back to straight way. Of course, this scene will ruin gay people in the world who play this game later.

The statement by Nintendo clearly ensures that the US and Europe version of Fire Emblem Fates have no expression about drugging or gay conversion which happens between characters anymore. For your information, this game has unique gameplay where the characters are able to create relationships each other and even it will end in a marriage. Moreover, they can also have children in the highest level of those characters. Meanwhile, there is a character named Soleil. She is a woman who is interested to other woman. However, she is always nervous to interact with other women surrounding her.

The problem of Fire Emblem Fates comes when you end up her relationship with the protagonist which is usually male. In the end, this male character will spike Soleil’s drink with magic powder which makes her sight to see the opposite sex of people. The goal of this spiking drink is to make Soleil feel comfortable around women. However, this is outside her permission or illegal. At last, she falls in love with the opposite sex of the protagonists and her love won’t be changed even the magic is inactive. Perhaps, the scene which is changed by the developer is related with the relationship of Soleil.

Nintendo has not detailed the scene which consisted gay conversion or drugging in their announcement yet. It might be the scene that we showed before or not. The point is the people interpretation met the gay conversion or drugging activity in the game which disturb some groups or community. After all, the scene is no longer available and the game will still be released for other regions in the world. Other News of Fire Emblem Fates is that the latest DLC has been released recently and the new 3DS XL is officially using the theme of this game in its announcement.


The Witcher 3 Update is now available today

The Witcher 3

Be ready to get the Witcher 3 update on your PC or consoles because the developer has patched it from today. The patch is called as 1.12 patch. You can see the details or patch notes in PDF version later. According to the patches, this update will fix some minor bugs which appeared in the previous patch. Moreover, this game will adapt Hearts of Stone expansion. This expansion is what we have waited for long time ago. In addition, the patch also increases the game performance entirely. Of course, this patch will bring balance for the game. It also adds more new mod from the expansion.

MarcinMomot as the community manager announces the Witcher 3 Update in their official website and social media. It was expected to debut on January 11 ago. This patch will hit PS4, Xbox One and PC. For your information, this game won’t get Enhanced Edition but the developer gives expansion and patch for this open-world RPG gameplay. The previous update (1.11) was launched last year on October. As same as this update, some bugs have been fixed and added New Game Plus mode. For your information, update is very important part of a game. By using update, the developer will improve the gaming-experience for the players. Moreover, update also survives the game itself for long time later.

The Witcher 3 Update was expectedly coming with Enhanced Edition. In the launching of this game where it was in May 2105 ago, fans and players of this game were offered by retail listings which showed the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 3. However, CD Projekt Red as the developer of this game speculated the rumors by giving the Hearts of Stone expansions instead. For your information, this game has many achievements during 2015 ago. The first one is the 2015 Game of the Year. Second one is the Game of the Year awards from the Game Awards as the best open-world RPG game. The developer itself got March’s Game Developers Choice Awards last year.

Is the 1.12 Update will make this game reaching other achievements? We still do not know yet the responses from the Witcher 3 players because it just released yesterday. Hopefully, this game won’t get low-rating this year because of other open-world RPG games which will be released soon. You will never get the same experience as you got in the Witcher 3. That is all for the news of the Witcher 3 update today.